Top 10 ATV Gifts

Guide on Choosing the Best ATV Christmas Gift Ideas – Our picks on Top 10 ATV Gifts

This season is the most appropriate time to bring home gifts for your Quad. If you are considering gifting yourself or a proud ATV owner that you know, you are going to be delighted by the list of gift-worthy items that we have collated for you.

Personally speaking, we would love to be sitting back home on a beautiful Christmas morning and be greeted by a knock on the door, only to find wrapped gift boxes filled with ATV equipment. 

Well, who says adults cannot dream about Santa Claus? It’s Christmas! So, without any more delay, we are excited to bring you the best ATV gifts for an off-road Christmas. 

1. ATV Handlebar Gauntlets

At number one, we have none other than handlebar gauntlets. These are affordable and perhaps one of the most functional gifts that you can offer. We would highly recommend the Kolpin Geartector ATV Mitt. 

If you are an ATV rider, I am sure you know how much we would appreciate getting out there and enjoy a long ride alongside the country, no matter what the temperature is. If the weather is low, nothing better than these gauntlets to keep your hands warm and cozy on those handlebars.  

2. ATV Speakers : Boss Audio MRWT40 Waterproof ATV Speakers

These speakers can bring happiness to any ATV owner. The sound performance of these speakers will surpass your expectations. When connected with an amplifier, it can produce almost 400 watts of power. Simply put, they can make so much volume that your ATV vehicle can shake with its power and better still, without any distortion.

The MRWT40 is specially designed for water resistance which includes all the major components such as the surround and the spider. These qualities make the speaker weatherproof to the extent of being protected by outdoor elements; however, direct exposure for prolonged periods would not be recommended.

This would be an ideal gift for someone who likes those sluggish, rugged rides in the wild OR wants to enjoy the monsoons without any fear. 

3. ATV Grips : Bike Master Heated Grips 

Cold weather? Cold Fingers? Hell NO. Winter gloves can get quite bulky, and if you are looking for heated gloves, then the wiring and the setup can be quite cumbersome, and with low-budget models, comfort is usually a big issue. Heated Grips are one of the best gifts for ATV riders that you can give on any occasion.

Bike Master Heated Grips come in a universal design, and they come with a 5-level temperature controller. The installation for these grips is simple, and each of the grips has connectors that are directly linked to the central harness. If you are looking for a gift that you are going to be extremely satisfied with, look nowhere else.

4. ATV Tool Kit

Your Holiday gift guide is not going to be complete without a functional tool kit in its place. A tool kit is an absolute must for any ATV owner, and if you haven’t invested in it before, there is no better time than Christmas for some tool-kit shopping. If you can get your hands on the Boulder tools ATV Tool kit, it can be the perfect guide for your next ride. This tool kit includes three metric wrenches, a spark plug socket, pliers for locking, a multi-functional screw-driver, electrical tape, and a lot more.

Tool-kits can come in very handy, and its value will not depreciate over time.

5. Razor Dirt Kids ATV

If your indulgence levels know no bounds this season, then we would recommend going for the Razor Dirt Kids ATV as the perfect gift. There is no better gift you can give someone than an actual Quad! The Razor Dirt Kids ATV comes with a sleek design and is extremely popular amongst kids. The Razor Dirt ATV is an electric miniature-version of the Quad that has been built to resemble the simple geometric structure of the ATV, giving the kids an authentic experience. 

It has been built for terrain tracing and has a droop-level suspension that ensures a safe ride. The ergonomic design of this ATV is an absolute hit amongst the ages of 8-years and up and the features are built for comfort, small bodies, and small grips.

6. ATV Boots

When it comes to riding gear, boots are often not considered, although they are the most stylish and intrinsic part of it. When it comes to riding boots, there is really no debate. The Fox Comp 5 riding boots are the answer. They are more expensive than the rest, for sure, but be rest assured that you will not regret this decision. 

They are designed more for functionality than aesthetics, certainly not implying that they are not aesthetically pleasing. They are focused more on protection coupled with comfort, and if you want to walk around with your boots, trust us, comfort IS essential.  

When you initially buy these boots, you might feel that the toe box on them is slightly rigid; however, getting used to them will help you realize that it is more beneficial than inconvenient. It prevents your foot from hitting the ground or getting snagged. 

As far as the material quality goes, they deserve the top spot. They are made from thermoplastic that keeps your foot straight and aligned while protecting the calf when you are walking about.

7. Jumper Box for ATV

Imagine yourself travelling in the middle of nowhere OR enjoying a beautiful landscape, when suddenly, your battery goes dead. There are a variety of reasons why that could happen- it could be a failed battery because of leaving the light on or driving with an old shower. The worst part?

This is not something that you can fix easily, even with the tools available in your tool-kit. Thankfully, there are a bunch of portable jump starters that are available in the market today and don’t require you to use another vehicle to jump-start yours. 

We would recommend looking at the Yaber  Portable Car Jumpstarter. It is light-weight, can re-ignite up to 20 vehicles on a single charge, has a 23800 mAh battery and USB ports that allow you to charge mobile phones, tablets, etc.

8. GPS System for ATV

Believe it or not, a GPS system can be an extremely valuable gift option, especially if you are deciding to give it to someone who likes getting lost. A GPS system is also perfect for someone who likes travelling the road less travelled. Today’s GPS systems are a lot more convenient to navigate through and come with features that could take you a long time to discover. 

The Magellan TRX-7 CS GPS system is an extremely valuable gift option. This is because it has a whopping 115,00 trails that are pre-installed. This is easily one of the best navigation systems out there, comes with an in-built digital camera with a GPS tagging option. This means that you don’t have to rely on just the mental picture of the new trail that you discovered. It comes with an uploading option as well, has Bluetooth connectivity, and a one-click social media sharing option on Twitter or Instagram.

9. ATV Decals

This is when you can get creative with your ATV gifts. Who doesn’t want a nice ATV sticker on the back of their truck, that makes the people behind you strain their necks to get a look? This is a beautiful addition to your Quad, and there are several stickers and designs available, to customize your ATV Bike. Decals are quite a popular item in an ATV owner’s gift box, as it gives identity to not just the Quad, but also to the rider.

The best part of Decals is that they are extremely cheap while also being as thoughtful as a gift. Imagine someone receiving a sticker that they like for their ATV and knowing that you spend some time understanding them as a person. You can get crazy with the kind of options that are available, and there is some glow in the dark options as well, for the edgy. 

10. ATV Helmet 

Did you think we were going to miss out on this? No chance! Hopefully, you or the person you are buying this for has a helmet, but if not, then this is probably the best time to gift it to them. Apart from being a very stylish piece of gear, it is also absolutely necessary to keep, because spine and neck injuries are very common in ATV riding.  

Our pick this time would be the Typhoon Adult ATV helmet, as it comes with goggles and gloves together. 

This helmet is safe enough to keep your neck and spine balanced and the padding inside, adds extra comfort. The quality of this helmet is above par for the price that it comes at. The drawback here is the goggles and the gloves, and since your primary purchase is a helmet, you can look at the combo as a bonus. 



We hope that this list helped you in finding enough gift options for your off-road Christmas. Buying an ATV bike can be quite an adventure, and the accessories and additions make the journey all the more exciting. This year has seen a lot, and we have all gone through a lot together. These special Top 10 ATV gifts can be a way to end the year with a bang. We hope that you have a beautiful Christmas and can find a gift option that you cherish for a long time. Merry Christmas! 



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