Where to find your Polaris ATV Vin Decoder ?

You ever wondered when the first all-terrain vehicles were manufactured? It was back in the year 1985. A lot has changed since then. Today, we have several manufacturers competing for a share in the market and almost 1.2 million dedicated proud ATV owners.

The easily most recognized model has been the Polaris Sportsman. Produced and manufactured in style, this has held the market by storm for decades now. This is why it is absolutely necessary to know if you are buying an original Sportsman or not. To do that, each Polaris vehicle has about 17 characters in the form of the Vehicle Identification Number, this is what contains the specifications of the car.

How Do You Tell The Year of a Polaris ATV by VIN Number?

10th Character in the VIN format represents the Polaris ATV model year.

If you want to find out where your Polaris VIN is, then you are going to need to look at the engraved or the stamped number on the left-side frame rail. It would be advisable to look at the front wheel on the left side, which will be adjacent to the fender. While you are doing this, it could be advisable to keep a flashlight and a brush with you, so that you have no trouble spotting its location.

Once you have been able to write down the code or take a picture of it, you can then use a reliable VINCHECK to decode your Polaris VIN. You can use the decoder to find out the entire code or in case you know how to decipher certain characters, you can also use a VIN Check for that. One thing that becomes quite easy with the Polaris, is that it will always have 1 to 4 as the first character since it was produced in North America.

If it is followed by X, then it has been made for USA drivers. The type of the engine, the manufacturing details, any other information about the safety apparatus can be found out by looking at the other characters.

Where to find your Polaris ATV Vin Decoder


Find Polaris ATV VIN Decoder Number 

Benefits of Polaris VIN Check

The Polaris VIN decoder is going to give you the benefit of a lot of things. You can easily:

  • Find out how powerful your engine, the type of the engine, the number of cylinders any other technical considerations that you might be looking out for.
  • The type of transmission is an important discovery to make. You can easily find out the type of transmission, that is, whether it is manual or automatic. You can then make an informed choice about whether you want manual or automatic, depending upon your choice of comfort.
  • The safety equipment that the Polaris has come with, can be found out by decoding the VIN Check. Checking things like the fuel gauge, the safety belts, the material depth can all be found out through the decoder.
  • The model year of the vehicle- this is important to consider since it is different from the manufacture date.

Polaris VIN Location (polaris atv engine serial number lookup)

There are a few things that have been going around ATV circles, that the Polaris VIN Decoder does not contain accurate information about the transmission type on the vehicles, especially with the latest production line. We assure you that this is not true and you can make your own informed choice, by double-checking the VIN codes from the different possible locations on the body of the vehicle. If you do not pay heed to the benefits of having a VIN decoder, then it could be dangerous, especially if you are going for a second-hand vehicle.

You might face unwanted complications in the future, when it comes to changing the parts because the VIN would have contained all that information.

Some examples of Polaris VIN

  • 4XASXM958HA628332 — 2017 Polaris Sportsman (952CC)
  • 4XAZX55A8AA767857 — 2010 Sportsman XP(1-up) 550 XP-EPS (550 cc)

Find Polaris ATV VIN Decoder Number 

How to tell what year a Polaris ATV Is ?

Year can be identified from VIN number from it’s format. 10th Character in the VIN format represents the Polaris ATV model year.  Below are the codes that can be referred for Model year.

Model Year Character Codes




In conclusion, we would just like to say that knowing your VIN location on the bike is a great asset for you in the long-term. Think of it as insurance, other than the vehicle insurance that you are entitled to. Knowing your VIN is the kind of insurance that you need, to make an informed purchase, one that you will not regret making in the future.

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